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Blue Remembered Hills Essays

Blue Remembered Hills Essays Blue Remembered Hills Paper Blue Remembered Hills Paper Essay Topic: Film Blue Remembered Hills revolves around a summers afternoon in a remote country setting and is about seven children and the tasks they go through in a day. The play includes many forms of cruelty for example; physical bullying, animal cruelty, child abuse and emotional bullying. Blue Remembered Hills was set in 1943. The play contributes to the theme cruelty in a number of ways for example Peter shows physical bullying when he says I will! Ill spit! Right in the middle of your face I think the reason why there was so much bullying taking place is because the boys want to show theyre the alpha male. As the play was set in 1943 it relates to World War 2 you can tell this because the children play war games. I think this also adds to the cruelty because its the children have grown up around war and violence and its all they know. At one point in the play it shows how the children poison apples to try and kill the Germans, this shows they have been bought up thinking they should be trying to kill people. I think this shows that their parents may have said something about poisoning things to kill the Germans because why else would a seven year old want to poison things?

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Business Organisational Strategy for Adelaide -

13Cabs is the taxi network service provider that operates in different regions of Australia like Hobart, Adelaide, Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne. 13Cabs is owned by Cabcharge that operates about 7, 400 taxis throughout Australia ( 2017). The service is operated using the cab apps available in various app stores. The cab facility service has chosen the right technology in order to carry out their business they use apps to connect with the customers. The black taxis under this organisation are well known for the service provided by 13 Cabs. 13 Cabs app is the most popular Australian taxi app that has connected the largest fleet of cabs around the different regions of Australia anywhere and anytime ( 2017). 13Cabs has also won the Monash Business Awards that shows the efficiency in their business. The customer care service is always available and any smart phone user can easily get access to the service of the taxi apps. The customer service is always available and the company is well known for the service that it provides. The cabs are grouped together by the means of apps and mobile systems in order to create a large segment of taxis. The customers from the segments like Sydney, Melbourne and other regions fall under the customer segments of the cab service ( 2017). The channels used for the purpose of connecting with the customers are through the web and any apps available in android or apple phones. The key partners of 13 Cabs are ABC Taxis, Black Cabs Combined Pty Ltd, Yellow Cabs, Maxi Taxis and others ( 2017). The cab service maintains and develops the market based on ride sharing activities. The service is available in the inner city and for long journeys as well. The idea is to share the rides of the taxi among the users in order to avoid the higher rates to be paid by the consumers. The key resources are the IT platform or the software that is used for carrying out the business activity ( 2017). The idea is to utilise these resources in order to attract more consumers in the market. The company operates in more than 76 locations and has huge fleet of drivers. The cost structure is depended on the employees and the partnership that the company has to maintain with others. The fixed costs include the rent and the utilities and other costs needed for the marketing and partnership activities of the organisation. The current revenue of the company is 121, 000 AUD ( 2017). Overall comment on strategic business: The business model used by the organisation is to create a wide network that would attract the maximum number of passengers or customers ( 2017). This would definitely add to the profitability of the business. However, the business model does not consider other aspects of the business like sustainability and competitive measures to improve business activities. Environmental sustainability could be the most challenging issue faced by 13Cabs in the near future. It has been evident that greater approaches have been made towards improving the business activities that it would not cause harm to the environment. There have been no such implications in the business strategies of 13 Cabs that would support sustainability of the business and so this is the upcoming challenge faced by the organisation. The organisation needs to support the sustainability approach in the coming 3-10 years of its business. (2017).  13 Cabs. [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 Aug. 2017]. (2017).  13CABS App @ 13CABS. [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 Aug. 2017]. (2017).  Taxi Cab Service @ 13CABS. [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 Aug. 2017]. (2017).  13CABS Adelaide. [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 Aug. 2017].

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International Quality Management System - Practice exam Coursework

International Quality Management System - Practice exam - Coursework Example Delivering quality products and services also help in building a reputation for business, which influences the achievement of competitive advantage (Goetsch & Davis, 2013). In many cases, businesses seek to achieve accreditation from the international body that recognizes quality standards. The body gives ISO certification to businesses that meet the international quality standards, which helps in building a company’s brand and reputation. Quality is not achievable unless created, meaning that the products and services being able to achieve quality standards cannot happen by accident. The achievement of quality is a process because quality helps in the creation of value for both customers and the business. Based on this understanding, businesses have shifted from only achieving quality, but improving on this process by applying total quality management. Total quality management is a process that focuses on increasing a company’s competitive level through the constant improvement of its functions. Functions in this case include services, business processes, employees, products, and the business environment (p. 4). Total quality management also focuses on the continuously attaining customer satisfaction at the lowest costs. Quality can be achieved by improving a business’ operation characteristics, making the products be durable, reliable and the features of the product. Juran defined quality as ‘fitness for use’ and was of the belief that money was the language that is mainly used in management. Juran developed the Juran’s trilogy that had quality improvement, quality control and quality planning as the three main elements. In quality planning, Juran intimated that it is important for a business to identify its customers and their needs before embarking on the process of delivering quality (p. 10). Once these elements have been identified, a business can be able to develop products and services that can meet the needs of the customers. For this

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Learn to think critically Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Learn to think critically - Essay Example How do you do that without carrying out this problem-options process again and again I would like to suggest a way to stop this regress by turning an option into a step towards a goal or objective that needs to come about because of my action. What am I trying to accomplish by doing this versus that Once I have that, all the rest falls into place. For example, in this exercise, how can I answer the question of which critical thinking skill can I or should I develop more I can say one option for this problem is to stay up all night to get this paper turned in on time. Another answer is a goal, a condition or state of what it would be like that I want to have. That desired state might be something like this: I will always be prepared for the requirements of school. From this ideal, action steps (options) come, and may include for me to prioritize everyday challenges at school such that I can turn my work in on time and perhaps get better grades. The option of staying up all night for a one-page paper then is not optimal. It does not help me get to my goal or objective very well. Think of what it would mean for me. I have. Staying up late or working all night will deprive me of my beauty rest, another important goal of mine.

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Exploring Alzheimers Disease Essay -- Alzheimers Disease Essays

Exploring Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders requires several criteria for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's dementia. These include impairment in memory, disturbances in cognitive and executive functioning, and impairment in occupational or social functions. Cognitive disturbances may include one or more of the following: aphasia, apraxia, and agnosia. Cognitive deficits must demonstrate decline from previous levels of functioning and are characterized by gradual onset. Furthermore, cognitive disturbances must not be due to other central nervous system and or systemic disorders that are known to cause dementia or are accounted for by another psychiatric disorder. It is important to note that a definite diagnosis of Alzheimer's can only be made post-mortem. Facts about Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's disease is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States and is becoming a larger problem as the life expectancy increases. It is the most prevalent of cognitive impairments in older people. Alzheimer's shortens life expectancy substantially: the typical duration is 8 to 10 years. Deaths are attributable to intervening illnesses unrelated or indirectly related to the disease and terminal complications. An even more devastating feature of Alzheimer's is the impact it has on the patient's family. Caregivers report feeling helpless, frustrated and irritable. Families often become impoverished before the patient is eligible to receive financial support. Furthermore, almost half of the family caregivers become clinically depressed. In the last few years, research has made great strides in understanding this Alzheimer's. Specifically, in the areas of ne... ...acetylcholine is released into a synapse and then connects with a receptor. Works Cited Connor, B.; Young, D.; Yan, Q.; Faull, R.L.M.; Synek, B.; Dragunow, M. (1997). Brain-derived neurotrophic factor is reduced in Alzheimer's disease. Molecular Brain Research. 49:1-2 (Oct 3); 71-81. Gonzalez-Salvador, M. T.; Arango, C.; Lyketsos, C. G.; Barba, A. C. (1999). The stress and psychological morbidity of the Alzheimer patient caregiver. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. 14, 701-710. Reiman, E. M.; & Caselli, R. J. (1999). Alzheimer's disease. Maturitas: the European menopause journal. 31, 185-200. Richard, F.; & Amouyel, P. (2001). Genetic susceptibility factors for Alzheimer's disease. European Journal of Pharmacology. 412:1 (Jan 19); 1-12 For more information regarding Alzheimer's Disease:

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Meno-Plato Essay

Meno begins his quest to have Socrates explain virtue by nature by stating that having beautiful things is to have virtue. â€Å"So I say that virtue is to desire beautiful things and have the power to acquire them† (77b). To help him to understand that this statement is not complete, Socrates inquires about specific characteristics that might comprise having something beautiful. These characteristics include wealth, a position of honor, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. Only in perfect combination to all of these specific characteristics assert â€Å"virtue as a whole† (77a) To desire beautiful things means to secure a good thing for oneself, according to Socrates. Under this explanation, all men desire good things and the men who desire bad things want to attain bad things for some benefit despite the fact that misery is a potential result. Therefore the act of desiring is with the intention of pursuing happiness as a virtue. â€Å"No one then wants what is bad, Meno, unless he wants to be such. For what else is being miserable but to desire bad things and secure them? † (78a). This characteristic of attempting to have happiness through securing good things and having power over them is a component of â€Å"virtue as a whole† (77a). Wealth and positions of power, under Socrates’ definition of â€Å"virtue as a whole† (77a), are only considered to be components of the nature of virtue if they are accomplished through just means. â€Å"It seems then that the acquisition must be accompanied by justice or moderation or piety or some other part of virtue; if it is not, it will not be virtue, even though it provides good things. † (78d-e) this reveals that the intention and process of acquiring good things is important to the nature of virtue as a whole. Without just process wealth nor positions of honor are not attributes of virtue because regardless of their significance as good or beautiful, they cannot be truly appreciated as virtuous without morally righteous intentions. â€Å"Then to provide these goods would not be virtue anymore than not to provide these goods would not to be virtue any more than not to provide them, but apparently whatever is done with justice will be virtue†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (79a) justice and good intention are required to be the basis of any good thing in order for it to be considered truly virtuous. However, in true response to Meno’s search to know the nature of virtue Socrates states that although that virtue as a whole is still under question. In order to understand virtue you must understand each characteristic that makes up virtue. â€Å"†¦that by answering in terms of the parts of virtue you can make its nature clear†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (79e) Virtue is not defined by any one definition, rather it is the characteristics and process of attaining these characteristics that comprises the nature of virtue. Socrates refutes Meno’s assertion that to attain beautiful things is to have virtue. Through this rejection he goes on to examine this differences between wanting good and beautiful things and, attaining bad things under the belief or idea that they are, in some way, good. However, having good things is not enough. These good things must be attained justly otherwise their significance to â€Å"virtue as a whole† (77a) is obsolete. These characteristics of wealth, a position of honor, justice, and the pursuit of happiness are mutually inclusive and together, begin to describe the nature of virtue.

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When Was the Pager Invented

Long before email and long before texting, there were pagers, portable mini radio frequency devices that allowed for instant human interaction. Invented in 1921, pagers—or beepers as they are also known—reached their heyday in the 1980s and 1990s. To have one hanging from a belt loop, shirt pocket, or purse strap was to convey a certain kind of status—that of a person important enough to be reached at a moments notice. Like todays emoji-savvy texters, pager users eventually developed their own form of shorthand communications. The First Pagers The first pager-like system was put into use by the Detroit Police Department in 1921. However, it was not until 1949 that the very first telephone pager was patented. The inventors name was Al Gross, and his pagers were first used in New York Citys Jewish Hospital. Al Gross pager was not a consumer device available to everyone. In fact, the FCC did not approve the pager for public use until 1958. The technology was for many years reserved strictly for critical communications between emergency responders like police officers, firefighters, and medical professionals. Motorola Corners the Market In 1959, Motorola produced a personal radio communications product that they called a pager. The device, about half the size of a deck of cards, contained a small receiver that delivered a radio message individually to those carrying the device. The first successful consumer pager was Motorolas Pageboy I, first introduced in 1964. It had no display and could not store messages, but it was portable and it notified the wearer by the tone what action they should take. There were 3.2 million pager users worldwide at the beginning of the 1980s. At that time pagers had a limited range and were used mostly in on-site situations—for example, when medical workers needed to communicate with each other within a hospital. At this point, Motorola was also producing devices with alphanumeric displays, which allowed users to receive and  send a message through a digital network. A decade later, wide-area paging had been invented and over 22 million of the devices were in use. By 1994, there were over 61 million  in use, and pagers became popular for personal communications as well. Now, pager users could send any number of messages, from I Love You to Goodnight, all using a set of numbers and asterisks. How Pagers Work The paging system is not only simple, but its also reliable. One person sends a message using a touch-tone  telephone  or even an email, which in turn is forwarded to the pager of the person they want to talk to. That person is notified that a message is incoming, either by an audible beep or by vibration. The incoming phone number or text message is then displayed on the pagers LCD screen. Heading for Extinction? While Motorola stopped producing pagers in 2001, they are still being manufactured. Spok is one company that provides a variety of paging services, including one-way, two-way, and encrypted. Thats because even todays smartphone technologies cant compete with the reliability of the paging network. A cell phone is only as good as the cellular or Wi-Fi network off of which it operates, so even the best networks still have dead zones and poor in-building coverage. Pagers also instantly deliver messages to multiple people at the exact same time—no lags in delivery, which is critical when minutes, even seconds, count in an emergency. Finally, cellular networks quickly become overloaded during disasters. This doesnt happen with paging networks. So until cellular networks become just as reliable, the little beeper that hangs from a belt remains the best form of communication for those working in the critical communications fields.